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Mobipath – An ultimate institute management.

Mobipath is an ultimate institute management System. It a remarkable achievement of everexpert info system. It is totally different from traditional management system. Mobipath is a common Platform for Institute, teachers, guardians and students.


We use all kinds of latest technology to developed Mobipath educational institute management System like Node.js, React.js, React Native, MySQL and Mongo DB.

Mobipath Panels:

Mobipath provides two types of panels for its user.

  • User Panel through Mobile App:
    1. Institute Admin Panel: In this panel institute head can monitor students’ attendance details, bills and payments and whole results reports of his institute through mobile app in his smart phone.
    2. Teachers’ Panel: This panel is for the teachers. A teacher can take class attendances, manage his examination and input all examination marks for tabulation and report cards. It is important to note that only in Mobipath teacher can take his class attendance without any biometric machine.
    3. Guardian or Students Panel: In Bangladesh only Mobipath is providing a common Platform for guardians and students. In this panel they can get all kinds of academic information like class routine with teacher information, exam routine, exam and class test results, billing and payment details etc.
    4. Special Admin Panel: For multiple institutes owner has a special admin panel to monitor all institutes in one account.
  • Web Admin Panel:
    1. Teachers and Students Management: Institute can manage all kinds of teachers and students information by this features.
    2. Dynamic Examination Module: Mobipath provides a dynamic examination management system. In tradition educational institute management system examination management system is designed for individual school but in Mobipath examination management feature can configure for any types of examination system in any time. In bottom line we can say same examination module works for all institutes.
    3. Tabulation and Results Managements: By this features institute can generate and prepare report cards for students in short time.
    4. Billing and payments: Mobipath provides online and manual cash pay opportunities to the institutes. All kinds of billing reports like head wise billing reports, class wise due and paid reports etc. will be generated on a click.
    5. Bulk SMS Sender: By this feature institute can send important notice for students and teachers in short time.

Mobipath Features at a glance:

Institute (Web App)

Teachers (Mobile App)

Guardians or Students (Mobile App)

Attendance Reports

Enrollment and Attendance

Attendance Reports

Online Billing and Payments

Exam Number Input panel

Class Routine

Exam Management

Class Schedule

Exam Routine

Automated Tabulation and Results

Class History

Exam Results

SMS Sender

Class Test management

Bills and payments info




Special Dashboard



 Success of everexpert with Mobipath:

Without any set up cost and procurement educational institutes are digitalized successfully. Our teachers are being smart with smart application. They are doing all their task with their finger trip. We keep relax all our guardians because they can track all the academic activities of their Childs through their smart phone. Online Bill Payment system keeps hassle free both guardians and institutes. Finally all clients are satisfied for everexpert support with expert personnel.    

Why you will choose Mobipath?

Now a days lots of companies are offering educational management system. Why you will choose Mobipath? Because we have some highlighted points.

  1. No set up charge or installation fee for Mobipath and no need to purchase any device for that.
  2. User Friendly and Mobile first Application
  3. On spot Training and Support available.

Our main objective is to play a leading role in the creation of digital Bangladesh by modernizing the traditional educational system. “Smart app, smart institute and digital Bangladesh” is our slogan. We believe Mobipath is on the way to reach the goal.  

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