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Quykhop- kick start your business with complete eCommerce Solution for Khaasfood

Business is a noble profession. Smart People who want to be independent and self-employment man they want to open their own business. But in traditional way it is not so easy. In modern age for the blessing of technology anyone can start his business in ecommerce platform. Everexpert info system launched a cloud base product Quykshop for ecommerce service.

What is ecommerce?

Ecommerce means electronic commerce which is refers to buy and sale goods through internet. In ecommerce platform you can launch your online shop easily and continue your business from home and anywhere you want.

What is the advantage of ecommerce business?

  1. No geographical limits: In a physical shop, it has a geographical limit but in ecommerce you whole world is your playground. You can develop your business in all over the world.
  2. Easy to gain new customer: In traditional shop business grow through branding or relation but in ecommerce you can gain new customers through search engine visibility.
  3. Minimum Cost for launching business: In e commerce there are no cost for set up physical shop or outlet, employee and advertisement. So that you in ecommerce you can save huge money for set up tour business.
  4. Open all time: When you are in ecommerce platform your business is open for 24/7/365. From merchant point you are receiving more order and from customers’ end the shop is always open.

Kick Start with QuykShop

If you understand the advantage of ecommerce then everexpert info system suggests you to start your business with Quykshop. Quykshop is a cloud base ecommerce product. It is developed with latest technology and user friendly also. An expert everexpert team is always ready for service support for growing your business.

Technology we used for Quykshop:

  1. Node.js
  2. Angular
  3. Mongo Db

Features at a glance:

We are offering 3 individual packages for Quykshop named startup, GroPro and Bigbazaar. Check the Feature list below for them.

Domain+Hosting Sererver
Admin Panel
Product Management
Customer Management
Order Management
Discount Management
Payment Management
Delivery  Management
Chatting Management
Notification Management
Offer Management
Referral Management
Campaign Management
Affiliate Management

Everexpert info system provides necessary service and support to continue clients’ business. Quykshop is a perfect choose to kick start your business. If you are new in ecommerce business then we are offering startup package for you. We also offer GoPro package for growing up business and Bigbazaar package is for large business.

Now it’s time for taking decision to launch your own business.

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