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Enzioo- evaluate and monitor your project

Project Background:

Enzioo is a monitoring and evaluation system for all kinds of NGOs and non profit organizations. An organization can monitor projects, estimate budgets, assign resources,  evaluate performance, achieve project goals. 

Requarment Analysis

NGO and non profit organizations are the main users of Enzioo. It was important to understand the working procedure of them. We started to analyze the working procedure of different  NGOs.


All NGOs launch their projects under a definite goal. To achieve the goal activities are launched under some objectives. NGOs estimate budgets and engage resources for the objectives and activities.

NGOs engage their own resource or sometimes hire 3rd party organization or people for their project. To ensure the development of beneficiaries and healthy inclusion rate it is important to monitor and evaluate the whole projects activities accurately.

Project Nature

Enzioo is a Monitoring and Evaluation software system that characterize with the following modules

  1. Whole project Monitoring
  2. Third party or partner activities monitoring
  3. Data Collection facilities
  4. Data visualization facilities
  5. Data analysis facilities
  6. Dynamic Report Builder

According to our deep understanding we concluded with these features Theme, Project, Activities, Partner, Beneficiaries and Inclusion.

Development Planning

After  analyzing the project nature we estimated time and engaged resources for development. Then we finalize the technical plan. We Decided to use the following technologies to develop Enzioo.

  1. Django 
  2. Javascript
  3. Postgresql
  4. Django ORM
  5. React.js
  6. Ant design
  7. Git

Feature  Details:

We design Enzioo with several  features: 

  1. Demographic Location : User can define his project location in this feature. NGOs monitor and evaluate their projects in quarterly. In this feature user also defines quarters for project evaluation.
  1. Themes: According to our analysis some organizations launch their project under a theme. User can add new theme with a title and details if it is necessary. They can edit and delete existing themes.In this feature user can generate reports. In this reports section user can generate:
    1. Theme Wise evaluation
    2. Activity Wise evaluation
    3. Projectwise evaluation
    4. Partnerwise evaluation
    5. Quarterwise evaluation
  1. Activities: User can create activities in this feature. Activities can be created with title and tags under theme. User can create parent and child activities in this feature. Edit and delete facilities are available here.
  1. Projects: This feature is the heart of Ezioo Many organizations divided their project in layers or lavel. Enzioo provides layer facilities for the projects. User can create layer for multiple goals and objectives. Its totally dynamic option.

Enzioo provides log frame facilities to the clients for fast monitoring and management.

Sometimes organization hire third party organization and people to accelerate their projects. We called them partner and partner eggage some agents in project location. In Partner feature user can assign partner and agents for projects.

Activity plan is a feature where user can assign activity plan for a project under a partner and Quarter.

In Project feature Enzioo provide a Repots module. In this module user can generate

  1. Themewise evaluation
  2. Activitywise evaluation
  3. Projectwise evaluation
  4. Partnerwise evaluation
  5. Quarterwise evaluation
  6. Goalbase project evaluation
  1. Partners:  In this features user can mange project partners and agents.
  2. Beneficiaries: This is beneficiary management feature. User can add new victimes  with details informations and manage beneficiary teams to ensure their rights with this features.
  3. Inclusions: User can set inclusion plan for projects with categories and calculate the outcome in this feature. 

planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating humanitarian support and programmes

Benefits with Enzioo System:

  1. Enhance project planning
  2. At a glance log frame
  3. Quarterly project planning and evaluation 
  4. Third party monitoring quarterly
  5. Real time output monitoring
  6. Event vs Participants with disabilities, non disabilities, boy, girl report breakdown
  7. Beneficiaries database
  8. Inclusion reporting 
  9. Realtime auditing 

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