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An Islamic Clothing Shop: Modest Collection

Numerous physical stores are coming online through their ecommerce model. A few of them started with the online platforms then turned to a traditional local shop. There is various clothing brand on the ecommerce market. But the list of Islamic clothing brands is not enough. The modest collection started its journey based on women’s clothing with an Islamic vibe.

Product Style

Simple product style with price, product title, category. At the left user can filter to find specific category product.


Product Variation Add

To add a variation there are 3 in number. Color, style, and size any of the attributes can be used for variation products. For instance, at the above product, all the attribute was used for variation. 

Product Variation Frontend View

The variation product price is showing in a range from lowest to highest. Each of the various product is visible one by one with all the attribute those are added during product variation add. 


Once you have turned from cart to checkout page there are 3 sections. At first, measurement where product size measurement information field are given. Then shipping information field as usual the necessary user shipping field are available. At last payment method where customers can pay through their card.

Order Edit

Each order can be edited by the website admin. At this stage, delivery information can be updated including name, email, phone number, zip code, & address. If any customer forget to apply the current discount coupon then the admin will be able to apply it.

In the same way, any product adds, additional field info updates and new requirements add are also available at the Order edit option.

Currency Change

Multiple currency feature expands modestbd internationally. The currency is managed through each country’s currency BDT rate multiplying with BDT price. Let’s say a product price is 3390 BDT it will be $40 in USD. Any new currency can be added anytime as per requirement.

My Profile

Under the Customer profile dashboard, there are three sections customer information, billing information, & shipping information. As usual customer information field is for name, phone, and email. Later billing information denotes where the bill was paid or will be paid.

At last shipping, the information field is for the customer who will receive the product.   

Dynamic Blog

Modestbd dynamic blogs are more user-friendly to display blog posts and categories in chronological order. Multiple topics are covered in this blog. For instance cooking, parenting, beauty tips, women’s health, and so on.


The product cart is located right side of the website. Without scrolling at a time customers can see 3 product scrolling allow you to browse cart products one by one. Obviously, the cart is minimizable.

To Conclude

Throughout the online platform, niche or multi-niche base ecommerce opportunities are growing. Within your unique idea to compete with others Everexpert ecommerce solution quykshop can lead your business to the next level such as modestbd’s modest collection. Let’s talk soon.

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