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Building a Corporate website with Southbreeze

Southbreeze is a leading real estate company in Bangladesh. They Choose Everexpert team to build their Corporate website. Everexpert has long time experience and unique portfolio in this sector. It was a perfect team work and collaboration with client in this development journey.

Take a survey:

Southbreeze is a real estate company. So at first we decided to take a survey in existing Southbreeze website and various real estate company. We examined and compared all effective points, common points, content type, and presentation concepts.

Review Documents of similar Projects:

Everexpert reviewed some documents of previous similar project. Bridge-bd.com is our existing client. We reviewed this project again to understand the difference of client’s demands.

Collecting Data from Southbreeze:

After our homework to initiate this project we started to sit with Southbreeze for necessary data and design concept. At first southbreeze team provided us a design and contents. Then we started to analyze the design and we found some limitations.

Limitation of clients Design:

  1. The design was not responsive for other devices
  2. There was no plan for mobile optimization.

After analyzing the design we provided proper consultancy to the clients about the design. Several days we met and worked whole day with coffee and snakes and shared our thoughts and experience. Finally we have concluded for a meaningful design for the clients.

Project characteristics and requirements:

Southbreeze is a leading real estate company and they have lots of handed over and ongoing projects. They are renowned for their quality work. No need to introduce them to the clients. Products are the main focus here. So this project is totally Sales oriented.

Keeping in mind the objective (sales oriented) the plan concluded with the following pages Home, For Sale, Handed-Over, Photos, About and Contact page.

 Model of Webpage


  1. Banner Section
  2. Available Projects For sale
  3. Video Section
  4. Handed Over Projects
  5. Contact Info


        For sale project images with details.


        For sale project images with details.


        Real images of all projects


  1. Banner
  2. Board of Directors
  3. Pride
  4. Obsession
  5. Passion
  6. Craft
  7. Achievement
  8. Gratitude


  1. Banner
  2. Map
  3. Contact Info


Planning for Development

It is time for development. At first we estimate the development time. Around 60 days we needed to develop this site. We deployed one designer and two developers under a project supervisor. Then we choose technology to develop.

Technology we used:

  1. Node.js
  2. React.js
  3. Getsby
  4. Webpack
  5. Netlify
  6. Gitlab

Workflow Details:

To design this website we follow the try and error method. At first we consulted for the first design and then we redesign and analyze the perfection. Thus we maintain a organize design chronology.

We suggested for proper content and dialog for the site and especially about page. Our clients provided us perfectly. Use used high quality images, video and drone view for the content.

Now a days most of the people brows websites through smart Phone. It was necessary to optimize the site for mobile. We use Gatsby technology to make it blazing fast website. For Automatic deployment we use netlify technology.  We use git for source code management.

Quality Testing:

After finishing development sent it under test. It was the final stage before deployment. We fixed all major bugs and checked the device responsiveness carefully. After testing now it is ready to deploy.

Southbreezebd.com is now in live. It was an excellent journey to develop this corporate site. Let’s take a tour to measure the everexpert team capability and quality.

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